St. Mary's Jacobite Church
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Nearby after 1914 AD only this place’s history started. Before nobody was staying here only wild animals were staying here. On the way there were full of grass. After 1914 AD one or two families were settled here. There was a big rock like a tortoise in this place. Hence the name of this place become as AMAYAPRA . After that the surrounding places also got the name as Amayapra. And nobody knows that when this place has got this name after or before the settlement of the people.

Mainly people settled here for cultivation purpose. These settlers are from Mannathoor , Piravom , Koothattukulam , Vadakara etc. From these people majority were Syrian Christians and people were having full faith, devotin, politeness and kindness. Along with cultivation they were working for the service of God. Nearby place of this there was a church in Mulappuram . for the purpose of prayers these people were going to Mulappuram Church. In this Location When people have got pattam on their names the settlers increased in this area.

Costruction of Church on 1931 AD

To participate in the prayer people could understand the necessity of a Church in that area. Hence Hence Syrian Christian asked permition to the Govrment 22-5-1105(1930). Givernment has given permission through an order bearing No.636 , Kochuparambil Mathew Varkey and his brother Pathrose wholehearted given 1.54 acre to the Church as gift. According to Kandanad Diocese Metropolitan Augen Mar Thimotheos’ order No. 2 dated 26-05-1106 ( 1931)
People constructed a Church on the name of St.Mary. 1919 Kudasa has done in Periyampra church and brought to the new church. Rev Fr. Philipose Vakkanampadam performed the first Mas. First church was constructed with Grass.

Church Settlement of 1932

1932 ( 1107) Church vicar of those days and 16 family people jointly wrote a treaty bearing No.68/1107 this church has been separated from St.George Bethel Church and under Patriarch of Antioch and Malankara syrin jacobite in Kandanad Diocese Jacobite syriyan faith and acharanushtana sake only the church has been established. This Church should form the leadership of Patriarch of Antioch, His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas and Kandanad Diocese Metropolitan’s rul. In future also this church should faith the above rules and regylations. In the beginning there was only one thronosa on the name of Mother Mary.

In the beginning state church was getting only hand full of rice or paddy from the people. In addition another many type of income also coming to the church. According to the parish people’s financial capacity they have been grouped into five class 1st category and decided that for One para 14 cents of two para land. Second category one para land . 3rd category 5 edangazhi land. 4th category Rs.35. 5th category Rs.17.5 will be given to the church. Due to the less income in the beginning stage there was only one or two MAS every month. . Metropolitan Augen Mar Thimotheos and later become Catholicos Baselious Paulose II (late) visited this church for many purposes and they were staying here for many days

Due to the hard work of so many devotees this church has been rebuilt for three or four times. On the name of V. Gee Vargheese sahadas a Kurisupalli established. That is staying in the eastern side of Amyapra rock. In the beginning there was a cross and that rock.After that in the land of Kodumparampil people the cross has been shifted.Then that has been modified as Kurisupalli. Then Amyapra school Kavalayil on the name of Yohanna Marthomas Kurishu thotti constructed.After that near the Kurishuthotti one shopping complex constructed for the church. After that Revarant Mar Gee Vargheese thirumeni's name one Kurushuthotti erected. In 2008 gradually that has become a Kurishu church . Later on that Kurishupalli newly constructed and Idavaka Metra Poleetha has solomanised the koodasa. Every month second saturday Kurbana is celebarating in this church.

2006 the Platinum Jubilee Dr Mathyoos Mar ivanios Thirumeni proclaimed and again reconstructed this church and southern side constructed mamoodisa room.Nortern side Kampar south also constructed. Same year Pari Manjanappura Bavas Metra poleetha thirumanasu established a Diety in the Kampar room. In 2009 in the name of Basselios Poulose Bava one parishhall constructed and solomanised the Koodasa. St.Mary , John the Baptist, St.George, Parumala thirumeni, Manjanikkara Bavas, All devotees blessing and help this church is improving like anything. Now nearly 140 Idvaka people are there in this church.

Name of the people helped to construct this church.

Kochuparambil Mathew, Varkey, Pathros , Padinjaredath Joseph, Pookunnel Abhraham, Maykkattil Paul , Thadathil Chakko , Kizhakkaputhanpuriyil Markose, Vadakkakallaruvalil Varkey, Madayanikkal Scria,, Puttanil Joseph, Kallaruvallil Kora, Mundakkapillykkalappurayil Philipose, Puthenpuriyil uthupp, Mankuzhiyil Joseph, Kuriyakose, Puthenkalapuriyil Scria, Amikkatukudiyil Ulahanan etc. before 1931 settlers of Amayapra .

Past Vikar

Rev Fr. Philippose Vakkanampadamthil
Rev. Fr. George Kuruvelil
Rev. Fr. John Kuruvelil
Rev. Fr. Thomas Meppadathu
Rev. Fr. Scria Maramkandathil
Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Kollinal
Rev. Fr. Pathrose Panalil
Rev. Fr. Scria Corepiscopa Nirappukandam
Rev Fr. Joseph Puttanil
Rev Fr. Saju Kannamkuzhil
Rev Fr. Paulose Kunnumel
Rev Fr. Joseph Kunnumel
Rev Fr. Yeldo Kakkadan
Rev Fr. Yohanan Chemmikkatu
Rev Fr. Alias Mariyl
Rev Fr. John Varghese

People Served for the Church

Vallikkatu John
Meykkatil Paul
Palakkau Chako
Palakkatu George

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