St. Mary's Jacobite Church
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Sunday School

Our fore fathers were giving more inspiration to the Sunday school. According 1932 treaty 5 years to 18 years all the boys and girls of the church should attend the Sunday school other wise action will be taken to the parents. For the Sunday school Vicar must provide qualified persons. Sunday school is continuing in better here nearly 60 students are attending the Sunday school. In the summer vacation 1999 onwards Vacation Bible class successful way going on.

Devotional Group

In the begging Vanitha Samajam and youth association were not working for the church. After that these society were working for the church in a very good manner, after that some people had got employment in different places, some people have gone for higher education. Hence these society work delayed. After some time. After some time due to hard work of youth association started. Now the society like Vanitha Samajam and Youth association are working in better way.


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